Guide to hiring video production talent or agency

Guide to hiring video production talent or agency

Guide to hiring video production talent

In this article, find video production skills to evaluate when hiring a video producer, cinematographer, or agency to succeed with video production.

While video creation and consumption technologies are advancing fast, a trend of the Producer Economy is evolving in which content production specialists learn different skills and can play a part in other disciplines of the production process.

Yet, there is a lot to understand about the video production processes, so in most cases, video production will be a team effort.

When talking to a video production talent or an agency, they will offer a variety of services, which can include:

Video strategy support and brief creation

Sometimes we know that producing videos for various organizational needs will bring more success, but where to start? We know that video is more accessible than ever, also consumed more than ever. It is natural for a human brain to perceive it, and it can save loads of time repeating ourselves. Experienced video producers will help you with strategy and asking the right questions to dig deeper and understand priorities.

If you would like to save budget and countless meetings, know the purpose, audience, and communication channels before looking into external video service providers. An in-house talent will be able to outline these points and take steps to research this. Read more about this stage of video production in our last blog post - Guide to planning your next video. Bring together relevant people from creative and strategic business areas to discuss this. This process can work as a menu of pre-prepared templates for various video use cases, increasing the success and efficiency of your future projects.

Optimizing existing content

Awareness of existing assets produced and how to repurpose them is a critical skill in video production. There is always existing content that can make it into a video format. Video process workflow and execution can be a great way to optimize for successful outputs in your business. A good example is content like guides, podcasts, and blog posts purposed for various video formats distributed via desired channels.

Creative direction

Bridging strategy to creative outputs can be a daunting task! The creative direction will entice an understanding of video asset creation. The scoping of the project, preparing the storyboard, and executing the prototype. Managing producers and creatives and building a bridge to the strategic stakeholders so that the creative outputs meet the initial project goals.

Copywriting and text editing

Today, even AI-generated text needs a copywriter to assist it. The essence of any communication is language. Text manifests in visual and audible content and is at the core of a successful story or information that resonates with an audience. No one else will understand better the core components of a well-done story and how human attention works, from approach to building and retaining.

Graphic design

Bringing unique 2D or 3D motion graphics into your video will require design resources to work with the animator early on in the project. In this area, prioritizing efficiency can lead to having off-brand results. Without use in the future. A few examples of motion graphics could include a design for the video opening, transition graphics with text to separate the sections of the video, lower third titles, call-to-action, and others.

Videography and cinematography

When seeking talent for video production with the most experience in all the disciplines of video production, a videographer, and cinematographer is what you are looking for! That is the first position you should consider because video specialists will mostly have an understanding of video production workflows, software, and hardware involved in processing videos. By default, they will have experience with planning projects, hardware, sound, lighting, and post-production. Some will create storyboards, master post-production, and motion graphics, know live and broadcast, and podcast set-up.

Video editing

Video editing will also be something that videographers and cinematographers can do, but in some cases, there will be a dedicated person working on just video editing. Considerations here are also motion graphics animations and audio editing too. Organized and forward-thinking editing can be very beneficial in the long run to re-purpose and make quick adjustments to an existing project file and deliver raw files to another editor who could easily navigate and make the necessary changes in the sequences.

Voiceover and audio

Voiceover and audio are at the top of video production priorities. Up to 40% of how people perceive your content will be audible unless focusing on the visual aspect, and the channel does not require audio production. There are many services online to provide both voiceovers and audio effects and music produced for your video content.

Stock footage and graphics templates

Have you seen a poor example of branding? When using stock footage, it has to match the rest of the materials produced. When using motion graphics templates, customization is key because thousands of brands and people already use the same template for their needs.

Rental equipment and location

What you see is what you get here. When hiring a videographer or cinematographer, they will already have hardware and ways of renting equipment. Location-wise, sometimes you have a location already booked or provided. Consider different stunts and other materials you need to rent or purchase. But these are just the things you should be cautious about when moving your video project ahead.

Video enablement

In some cases, we need more people to start using more videos in their daily and create quality videos on-spot. There are a lot of tools to help people outside of the creative and content department and enable them to do better video content without spending hours and weeks learning it. Hardware to leverage, from web cameras to studio set-up for employees. Browser-based software for fast processing, with pre-made brand templates to use. Best practices of video recording like fixing the setting, light, sound, and appearance.

To find the right talent for your needs, ask questions:

Which skills do we already have?

What’s the budget?

What skills do we need to hire for?

When sourcing talent or an agency, list their name, skills, country, rate, set rating (1/5), contact, website, availability, notes, and samples.

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