My name is Ako

Copenhagen, Denmark based Video Producer and Photographer. I’am working with creatives and brands to leveraging the audiovisual mediums. Experience entails freelance and in-house production. Most of my experiences lay within video marketing, producing for software solutions, paradigm shift and video enablement in an organization, creative video direction and execution, motion graphics animation, and broadcasting. Some extreme sports, documentaries and events too.

A few things I love about life: basketball, rollerblading, street photography and creative projects. The main aim of my pursit is to create a piece of visual arts and story that people would learn from but get pleased and enjoy watching.

What's my expertise?

Consult vision for visual storytelling

When sourcing any production, a conversation is the way to begin and I’m here to share my knowledge. 

Production exectution

Producing photography, video for creative and marketing, broadcasting, motion graphics is a whole universe of processes. To make it easier, apply the exiting knowledge to move faster and better when the production spree begins.

Optimize and improve

Information coming

Brief history

The beginning
My first DV camera to capture friends doing extreme sports at the local skatepark of Jekabpils, Latvia.
Choice to pursue Multimedia Design specialists position while doing my high-school and working in a photo studio in Riga, Latvia. My first photography award in International Heritage Photographic Experience contest.
New beginning
Moving to Copenhagen, Denmark. A lot of street photography and cleaning jobs that led to meeting my first production manager and beginning my own freelance career.
TwentyThree, SaaS, B2B
High pace of production led to the first in-house producers job at a Copenhagen based Marketing Technology company that provides a video marketing solution. Got to live in San Francisco for a year and move back to Copenhagen.
Virgin year at the Burning Man
Community in San Francisco opened doors to be present at the most amazing festival on the planet earth. The years theme was Metamorphosis, on point!
Templafy, SaaS, B2B
Natural progression, an amazing case customer scale-up, at the time, used the previous product I worked for to succeed with their video marketing efforts and hired me as an in-house Video Specialist.
Thursday, August 27, 2018
2019 - present