Video producer and photographer


The holy grail of any audiovisual content. Setting the objective of doing your video will lead you towards the right approach. Sometimes we’re choosing mediums because they are a trend, but it’s crucial to let the purpose drive it, rather than a need for the medium itself. This pre-production stage will significantly impact the content quality as we move towards the next steps. 


Where and who they are? Without understanding your audiences, their pains and goals, there’s nowhere to begin any communication.  Take a look outside of what you’re trying to push towards them and  get your hands dirty with  in’s and out’s of your audiences, where they spend time, how they spend it so you can serve the information towards the right audience at the right time. 

Production cycle

Producing can involve many stakeholders, that’s why it’s important to keep things in check. Making sure that the is no wasted resources and wrong trains taken, will benefit teams working on any audiovisual project. There’s always some ping time when delivering projects, so the more geared-up you are, the more enjoyable the process will be, so do results. In the end of the day, it’s a lot about the energy! Wink, wink..


So much more than just sharing a piece of content. Always consider what format will fit the best to your preferred environment  its native capabilities and experience. Also, if your content is longer, why would you share the whole thing if you could give a bite of it and lead people towards giving something for you, like their contact information, if they’re enough interested in the subject matter. On the side, everything that’s done to create audiovisual content, can be re-used and re-purposed in several ways. From the animations and photography to the rendered videos. Use and re-use!