Elementor #787

Ako Kurnosenko

Visual Content Producer

The Beginning: Defining the path

  I was born in Latvia on 23rd of July, 1993, in the digital 3rd world. During my childhood, I was quite an individual, perceiving and understanding the world around. A grainy but warm picture, I remember gazing at clear skies and airplanes passing by. Willingness to experience travel and cultures was begun manifesting. While growing up, alsways aspired to find a community that would inspire and value creativity. From arts school, handcrafts to gaming and digital arts, I kept on exploring horizons. As I was mostly warming bench at my junior basketball teams games, I decided to change my direction and shift to more of an individual and creative.

I found a community that resonated at the local skatepark and got my first pair of rollerblades. That’s where my photography talent took turns and got recognized.

Passion led to the first job as a photographer assistant and re-toucher in a photo studio. The huge difference was made by the circle of dedicated creatives and professionals who shared knowledge that was crucial to me at the time. Musicians, content creators, and street culture/sports activists has been my biggest motivation growing up. 

Escapism: Exploration and growth

Struck by the lack of growth and exploration opportunities in Latvia, while I was sixteen, I took a chance to move to Copenhagen. The move was worth as it kickstarted a whole new chapter of my life.

After some years of straight hustle to get by in the expensive Scandinavia my true meaning and pursue begun. A year of collaboration with a locally established friend and production manager, I started my own freelance photography business. My professional routine accelerated. 

Starting to nail projects at a bigger scale, I got a call from Copenhagen based software company offering me an opportunity to join Video Marketing forces at their newly opened studio in San Francisco, as an in-house video production specialist.

In my mind, I was Silicon Valley, home of Golden State Warriors, the land of tech, and diversity. I was all-in to take this journey. Fire spinning ex. marketers, well-fueled technology space and human innovation, and intelligent freaks lost in the jungle – it’s an incredible place to be if given an opportunity to fit in.


Six months later, I’m back in Copenhagen, working in-house for another fast-growing software company. With a bridge back to California, I was able to attend Burning Man, Metamorphosis

Burning Man 2019, Metamorphosis


I’ve decided to label my experiences –High As Fuck, telling stories of creatives and brands. Set out to capture visionary concepts towards a better future, equality, strength of mind and creativity.